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The Society has a resident membership approaching 350, representing the majority of the households in the village. It has intervened only in planning applications which are considered to affect the village as a whole, for example the creation of a new road into the village. The Society raises funds from village events for the benefit of local causes such as the Church, the Memorial Hall, and the refurbishment of the viewing platform on the Hard.

The Society has an on-going range of social events that bring the community together as well as raising funds to help improve the village.

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Posted 27th June 
Click here to see photos of the 2019 Summer Party.

Posted 7th June 2019

'For the first time in ten years our Wreath Laying Service did not take place on the Hard as planned.

Unfortunately the wind and rain made it very difficult for the service to go ahead on the Hard.

Therefore at the last minute the service was held at St Nicholas  Church, we are very grateful to all those involved who helped with the relocation and the service’.

Please click here to see photos taken inside the Church.

Glynis Lansdale Secretary Itchenor Society, 7th June 2019

This year the committee decided to update the Rules of Association, the main changes are:-

The optional position of President has been removed.

The position of Membership Secretary has been moved from Executive to Officer status.

The Honorary membership has been redefined.

As the Honorary membership has been redefined an additional category of non-voting members to allow those outside the Parish to take part in Society events and functions. 

The layout and format have been updated.

The new 2018 Rules of Association will be found under Joining and Rules.

Itchenor Society AGM - Friday 3rd November 2017 at 7.30

Please click here to download the Notice

Itchenor Remembers the 601 LCM Flotilla

Posted 3rd July 2017

Click here to see other images of the Wreath Laying Ceremony

On Friday 2nd June veterans and residents gathered outside the Harbour office to lay a wreath for those from the 601 LCM Flotilla, who lost their lives at sea. Ninety two  year old  midshipman Geoff Ensor of the 602 LCM Flotilla travelled all the way down from Wolverhampton to remember his comrades who helped carry crucial supplies during the Second World War and departed from Itchenor on the eve of D-Day. This year the welcome address was given by Peter Dean a past Chairman of The Itchenor Society, the History of the Bench was read by Richard Craven Harbour Master and Director of Chichester Harbour, Capt. Johnny Talbot read the list of names of those who perished at sea, Mrs Alexandra Webb Chairman of The Itchenor Society laid the wreath and Revd Stephen Davies officiated at the service.


1. It was agreed that, with immediate effect, the Agenda and summary of resolutions from each meeting would be published on The Itchenor Society website,.

2. It was agreed to review The Itchenor Society Rules of Association and a sub-committee would be formed to undertake this task

3. We were informed that planning permission had been sought by the owner, to remove four Elm Trees alongside Church field, had been rejected by the Parish Council and a final decision is awaited from CDC

4.  The Secretary has received a communication from Historic England regarding an application to issue a Certificate of Immunity for Old Haven. 

The Itchenor Society in consultation with the Parish Council will be responding in due course. 

Updates for Village Design Statement

Posted 22nd Octobeer 2015

When the 2012 version of the Village Design Statement (VDS) was printed, we anticipated the need for updating as and when there were changes made to local planning rules. These sections were placed in Appendix 6 and Appendix 7 and are referred to throughout the VDS. Now that the Local Plan has been approved, we have issued the appropriate revisions to Appendix 6 and Appendix 7. We would appreciate it if you could take a moment to click here to see the revisions.
Thank you.
Peter Arnold Hon. Sec. Itchenor Society

Please click here to download Appendix 6

Please click here to download Appendix 7

Village Design Statement (VDS) 2nd Edition 2012

Posted on 24th April 2013

This document reflects the original input and ideas of the 2004 version but it has been brought up-to-date with current planning policies, the newly extended Conservation area, new photographs, a revised layout and additional information. In the hard copy you will notice that all town planning policies are located in Appendices 6 and 7 which are now in loose leaf and therefore it will be much easier for us to keep the VDS up-to-date by issuing revisions of these when necessary.

The VDS was approved by Chichester District Council (CDC) in December 2012 and will be referred to when considering planning applications within our village. Since its formal adoption by CDC it has already proved invaluable in dealing with proposed development in Itchenor.

We would like to thank all the residents who let us have their views during the period of consultation. We are also very appreciative of the help, input and financial contributions towards the design costs made by the West Itchenor Parish Council and Chichester Harbour Conservancy. We are extremely grateful to Chichester District Council for the assistance given to enable us to bring this VDS up-to-date.

Finally, our thanks must go to our Chairman, Christopher Mead-Briggs. Without his drive, commitment and enthusiasm for maps, historic buildings and the village, this update would not have come to fruition.

Peter Arnold Honorary Secretary April 2013

The new Village Design Statement has just been published, printed copies will be distributed to all households in Itchenor, hopefully in about 2 to 3 weeks time.

You can download your copy by clicking here!

Appendices 6 & 7 are loose leaf in the back of The Village Design Statement

Click here to see Appendix 6 The Article 4 Direction for the Itchenor Conservation Area
Click here to see Appendix 7 Introduction to Current National Regional and Local Planning Policies

Letter to Andrew Tyrie re CDC Draft Local Plan Key Policies

Posted on Wednesday 24th April 2013

Please click here to download a copy of this letter

Comments prepared for the Itchenor Society and the WIPC upon:
CDC Draft Local Plan Key Policies

Posted on Wednesday 24th April 2013

Please click here to download this file


Posted on Monday 3rd December 2012

Click here to read the Heritage Asset Assessment of Old Haven.